Why Us?

Why Us?

AK has a dedicated partnership firm for the road and safety division to expand its business portfolio, focusing on improving safety on Indian Roads and Highways. AK Parth objective is to become a market leader in the technical device to norms and measuring modules for the safest drive of the people on-road.

We hereby manufacturer the high-recognizing & accurate quality products for the automation industry with the endue to deliver best-class safety to the Indians. Now “AK Parth” is currently managed by the 2nd generation of the family.

We make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with our products and services.


Presence across India

We have a presence through our dealers and service network across India. Our company has an active network of more than 1200 retail counters nationwide.

Customer Support

We believe that a happy and satisfied customer base is the biggest asset of any company. Hence, we have a dedicated customer response team to tackle and solve any problems that our customers experience first hand.

Team Work

Team work play a important role of any business and we try our best to provide high quality goods. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our Experience and effective team work hardest to fulfill all requirements.

Quality products

We understand the need of Quality products in our Industry as even the slightest error on our end could be very fatal for someone. We understand this and therefore each of our product goes through a rigorous series of quality checks before making it to our customers. Each of our product is designed to work under the high intensity environment.

Lower maintenance

Cost is an important part of any business and we try our best to provide high quality goods at affordable prices in the market. All of our product are designed for lower maintenance costs to the customers as customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Easy installation

We understand that Time is an important asset therefore all our products are engineered in a way to minimize their Installation time. Each of our product is accompanied with an Installation guide as proper Installation is important for proper functioning of the product.