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AK Parth manufacture Speed Governors, a road safety device that prevents vehicles from exceeding a preset speed. This product was very popular and adopted by commercial vehicle owners throughout India, generating 1000 million INR in revenue for the company.

AK Parth has expanded its product range in the road safety division to include Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS), Fire Detection Alarm and Suppression Systems (FDAS & FDSS), Vehicle Conspicuity Tape, Rear Marking Plate C3 & C4, Auto Dipper etc

For the High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) market in India, AK Parth has formed a joint venture with UTAL, a Poland-based company and one of the biggest HSRP manufacturers in the world.

In the Electric Vehicle segment, AK Parth introduces various products like Cluster, DC DC convertor, Battery Management System, Vehicle Control Unit, Battery Charger etc

AK Parth is also expanding its product range in other segments, such as Under Water Drone, Submarine Echosounder, Portable Autonomous Surface Vessel, Tetra Network Solution, Smart Energy Meter, Dstatcom etc

AK Parth's products are distributed through its 1800+ dealer network throughout India. The company is also embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) by developing IoT-based products that allow consumers to receive over-the-air firmware updates, get real-time information, and check device functionality regularly.

AK Parth is committed to providing the best, most advanced, and highest quality products at nominal costs.

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