Vehicle Tracking System (2G)

Vehicle Tracking System (2G)

CM-08 Specifications


  • GPS+GLONASS - 2.5m accuracy.
  • AGPS Technology with integrates EPO Data
  • LBS station mode positioning
  • Geo Fence
  • Three digital inputs for ACC Ignition detection, SOS Button, Door open/dose
  • Two Analog inputs for temperature sense and fuel/E-vehicle voltage sense
  • Two digital outputs for Tele-cut off, RGS LED Indicator/Buzzer.
  • 800 Mah internal Battery (whole day backup).
  • History packets backup for GPRS black points.
  • Operating Voltage: 9V to 90V (High/reverse Voltage Protection)
  • Multiple TCP server Support.
  • Bluetooth (Optional)
  • OTA (Optional)

UART TTl Level Available (Optional)